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About Equiheart Headder

About Our Mission At Equiheart® Veterinary Services, LLC.

Our Unique Medical Proficiencies

Equiheart is primarily an equine practice where our medical competence with horses ranks among the top veterinarians in the profession. Setting us apart from other equine practices in the region is Dr. Wilson's expertise and experience with goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas. Very few equine practitioners have similar proficiency as Dr. Wilson for these barn-yard pets.

Equiheart's Novel Service Experience

As a client of Equiheart you will always have a direct line of communication with Dr. Wilson!

There are no receptionists screening your calls and no staff screening your emails. Clients of Equiheart never have to re-explain their horse's situation all over again to the "other" doctor.  Our published phone number 732-616-6188 is Dr. Wilson's direct number for you to call and text whenever you have a question or concern.
"Unlike an attorney I do not charge just to talk."
 – Christina Wilson, DVM

Our Philosophy And Principles

Continual Scientific Learning:

Our mission of providing the best veterinary care can only be achieved by continually learning multiple disciplines of veterinary medicine. Of course we take the basic continuing education classes required of all veterinarians, but by studying medical cases and networking with specialist we continually improve our knowledge and competence.

We value that you trust our scientific knowledge of veterinary medicine, so we never promote the latest treatment-fad without through research.

Integrity And Ethics:

Our veterinary expertise is extensive, but we will not pretend to know everything about everything and will never make-up an "answer" just so you have your "answer". 

Our integrity is everything to us at Equiheart, so if we do not know, then we will tell you so. For the unusual cases that leave us unsure we simply go back to our core principle of continual learning where we reach out to our network of experts at research universities and private practices to determine what more may be learned about the subject matter.

Financial Responsibility:

Nobody likes to waste money.

Our promise to you is that we will always discuss the most prudent course of action regarding the welfare of your animal, public health/safety, and your personal goals and objectives. We will empower you with the necessary knowledge to make the most informed decision.

How We Get It Done

Starting a business from the ground-up is never easy and providing 24X7 emergency services mixes in a myriad of logistical challenges. To ensure that Equiheart clients always receive the very best service I have established working partnerships with several of the regional veterinarian practices. On those rare occasions when I am needed in two places at once I always pre-arrange emergency coverage from another competent and ethical veterinarian.

Our partnerships with regional practices also provides my clients access to "big-practice" resources including hospitalization/surgery and hi-tech diagnostics like MRI. Our network of partners enables a service offering far beyond what is typically expected from a single doctor practice allowing our clients the best of both worlds!

Our History And Future

After 7-years of experience Dr. Christina Wilson founded Equiheart Veterinary Services, LLC. in 2014 so she could take personalized service to a whole new level! Her enthusiasm, competence, and individualized attention has enabled Equiheart's client base to rapidly expand.

Vet practices typically increase their number of veterinarians to accommodate larger volume, but Dr. Wilson feels that move would shift the practice away from the core mission, principles, and personalized service that her clients love.
"Every day we write our history at Equiheart and now I am inviting you to join the success by becoming our newest client!"
– Christina Wilson, DVM

Updated: 6/6/2017