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Equine Dentistry with Mild Sedation & Power Instruments

This video demonstrates my preventive maintenance dental service which includes mild sedation, a detailed dental exam with speculum, and a precision dental equilibration (teeth floating).

Light sedation allows us to place a speculum to hold the horse's mouth open while we perform the dental procedure. A lightweight aluminum speculum and dental halter or head stand is utilized to increase visibility of the oral cavity.

There are many tools of the trade but my most important instruments are a good quality bright headlamp and dental mirror. These 2 things along with a dental explorer and dental picks allow me to perform a thorough examination of your horse's mouth, hopefully identifying issues before they become a problem.

The dental floats I use are portable and battery powered which allow me to perform dentistry even in barns without electricity.

My primary float is a rotary diamond disk. This 1-inch disk allows me to reduce points and hooks in very specific locations and taking off just the right amount of tooth. The tool is also equipped with an irrigation line so water flows throughout the entire procedure therefore cooling the equipment as well as the tooth and minimizing dust.

I also have a reciprocating file with a very slim shaft which I use to reach the narrow places in the back of the horse's mouth. This file is also very helpful in miniature horses. As you can see my hand is right there while it is moving and all I feel is a little vibration with no tissue damage.

Luke was very calm and relaxed during the entire procedure. Through the appropriate use of mild sedation and power dental equipment the dental equilibration or “float” is performed without pain or stress to the horse.

It is important to have your horses teeth examined once or twice a year depending on their age and history.

Advance Equine Dentistry

Keep your horse happy, healthy, comfortable, and performing his best by keeping-up on routine dental care. 

Horses and other equine species have hypsodont teeth which continually erupt (grow) throughout their lives. The circular chewing motion of horses and other equines cause teeth to wear unevenly forming hooks and points. Hooks and points cause painful cheek ulcers, poor digestion of food, resisting the bit, and poor performance. Unresolved dental issues can lead to poor body condition, colic, choke, fractured teeth and even troublesome sinus infections. Christina Wilson DVM Performing Equine Dental

To keep your horse happy and performing his best, my preventive maintenance dental service includes: mild sedation, a complete detailed dental exam with speculum, and a precision dental equilibration (teeth floating). Using the speculum with sedation is the only way to perform a detailed exam and enables me to carefully apply the Goldilocks Principal by floating just the right amount. Depending on your horse’s individual needs, I will create a performance bit seat.

I have great enthusiasm for equine dentistry and  I am eager to show curious owners and trainers all the details of your horse’s teeth before, during, and after the procedure.  I also enjoy opportunities to provide educational demonstrations for your barn or club!  Definitely speak up if you are interested.

"Routine dental care can greatly enhance your horse's life!"
– Christina Wilson, DVM

Updated: 6/6/2017