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*** Fun Archive: July - August- September 2014 ***

This page is  dedicated to all the fun we have at Equiheart Veterinary Services!

Sept 7th 2014:

Announcing Practical Equine First Aid with Christina Wilson, DVM! Practical Equine First Aid with Christina Wilson, DVM!
August 19th 2014:
Dr. Christina Wilson Takes the ALS Challenge

I am donating to ALS as well as Mylestone Equine Rescue.

I am nominating Susankelly Thompson of Mylestone Equine Rescue, Blue Ridge Equine Clinic, and Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services.

I challenge you to donate to ALS and an equine rescue of your choice.

August 2nd 2014:
Front page placement in the Hunterdon Observer - 62,229 households, WOW!
Equiheart featured on front page of the Hunterdon Observer
July 29th, 2014:

5 Tuesday Horse Truths

This Tuesday I am going to Treat you to 5 Truths about horses you may not know!

#1 An adult horse’s brain weighs around 22 oz., about half that of a human.

#2 Horses with pink skin can get a sunburn so lather them up with sunscreen.

#3 Some Arabian horses have 5 lumbar vertebrae (instead of 6) and 17 pairs of ribs (instead of 18).

#4 Horses only breathe through their noses, not their mouths.

#5 The first cloned horse was a Haflinger mare named "Prometea" born in Italy in 2003.
Equiheart featured in the Sunday Hunterdon Democrat July 27th 2014:
The Hunterdon Democrat is really running with my story and printed it in the Sunday paper!
July 23th 2014:
Equiheart was featured in this wonderful story online in the Hunterdon Democrat.
Equiheart featured online in the Hunterdon Democrat
July 18th 2014:
Just installed the new signage on the Equiheart Veterinary Services truck. I hope you enjoy seeing me not only at your farm, but also on the road!
Truck Signage - Vanity Plate of Equiheart

July 10th, 2014:

Equiheart Veterinary Services is Ready for Action!

CALIFON, NJ, July 10, 2014 – Dr. Christina Wilson , formerly of Califon Animal Hospital, is excited to announce the formation of Equiheart Veterinary Services, LLC. Equiheart is based out of 1 Eisenhower LN Califon, NJ and is mobile only veterinary practice traveling from farm-to-farm caring for large animals. Starting July 10th, Equiheart is operational in Hunterdon County, Warren County, Morris County, and Somerset County.

Equiheart is fully equipped to handle your veterinary needs including: general wellness, dentistry, lameness, purchase exams, emergencies, and many other medical issues. Dr. Wilson has a special interest in developing personal relationships with both the horse and owner.

"I am excited to give all your hoofed friends the best care possible in addition to helping you any way I can." - Christina Wilson, DVM

Please "Like" us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EquiheartVet and visit our website at EquiheartVet.com.

Founded by Christina Wilson DVM, Equiheart Veterinary Services, LLC is a premier large animal ambulatory veterinarian in Califon, New Jersey servicing Hunterdon County, Warren County, Morris County, and Somerset County, specializing in the treatment of equines (horses), small ruminants (sheep, goats), and camelids (alpacas, llamas).

Download our Official Press Release PDF: Equiheart Ready For Action

Young Equiheart Veterinarian at Daycare July 7th 2014:
Now that the boys are enrolled in daycare, big things are starting to happen at Equiheart!
July 1st 2014:
UPS man delivered 30-boxes of supplies today! Four more boxes arrived later in the day.

July 2nd 2014:
Even more boxes! This time from my friend Adrienne McAleer of Zoetis.

30 Boxes of Veterinary Supplies
Christina Wilson DVM Hugging Donkey
"Life moves pretty fast - once in a while, take a moment to hug a donkey."
– Christina Wilson, DVM